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Update to the team status 31.10.2014:

Team is no more active.

Unfortunately, the last match played by the joint team took place on 27.9.2014. The team lost too many players to continue playing in series.

Allianssi Vantaa T98 (Alliance Vantaa) is a girls' football (soccer) team from Vantaa, bringing together players from two foot­ball clubs: Korson Pallo­seura (KOPSE) and Koivukylän Pallo­seura (KoiPS).

Our girls have been training foot­ball together since October 2011 when the team was established. We are located in Korso-Koivu­kylä region in the city of Vantaa, approximately 20 km North from down­town Helsinki.

The players in our team are born between 1998 and 2000 and we play matches against other 1998 (and younger) girls.

Our colours are: orange shirts and socks with navy blue shorts. These colours are shown in this web site as well.

Joukkueen facebook-sivut. Events and news on team's facebook page.

Our Mission

We want to learn the finess of foot­ball with similarly minded friends and sharpen the skills both as a team and as individuals.

Training sessions can be heavy sometimes; the weather can be anything from a heat wave in summer to freezing temperatures at the peak of winter – not to forget pouring rain. However, that doesn't mean that the training couldn't be fun at the same time!

We believe that every player is entitled to succeed and every player has a permission to fail. Learning to play better is the primary objective and it cannot happen without occasional setbacks.

Like to Join Us?

If you are born between 1998 and 2000 and interested to learn a game which is simple in its principles but challenging in practice, you are welcome to try out girls' football – without any obligations – in nice company and good training facilities. Who knows, maybe you'll find a sport for a lifetime?

Please feel free to contact Mr. Kari Jurva for any questions. The contact information is available in the Contact Us page.

Stadi Cup 2012.

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